Kid Gets Hit by a Car While ‘Doing it For the Vine’ [VIDEO]
Ever since its introduction to the world Vine has been ruling peoples lives (and their judgment) as they "do it for the vine". Well this guy learned the hard way when he got hit by a car and ended up in the back of an ambulance chiming a new message for the people on Vine...
The Greatest Road Rage Revenge Ever [VIDEO]
At one point or another, everybody has had a bit of road rage.  The thing about road rage is, that you usually never get a chance to really get back at the person who pissed you off.  Unless you're this dude, because he saw his chance and acted.
Worst Female Driver Ever
A lot of people seem to think women are terrible drivers. After watching this video, you'll probably agree with them.  Watch this woman get dominated by a left turn.

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