Cat Freaked Out By Cucumber [VIDEO]
I have been told white men can't jump - but this ninja like cat can! Who knew a cucumber could be such a dick and sneak up on you? Or in this case - a cat! If you are really into cucumbers, you may be interested in watching a girl shove one down her throat. Yep, click here to watch veg head.
Puss In No Boots Clears Snow Like A Pro [VIDEO]
Flint city officials have asked residents to help one another out by clearing snow from sidewalks. Maybe all this city needs is some pussy? As in a cat that clears snow. What did you think I meant? Check out Rudiger the cat take on this snow drift! This puss has some power!
Fat Cat Holds Oregon Family Hostage, Hear 911 Call [VIDEO]
An Oregon family called 911 after their 22-pound cat scratched their 7-month-old baby and appeared ready to attack them next. Terrified, the family locked themselves in a bedroom and claim they were held hostage by the feline. Apparently this pussy cat is not so sweet, actually it sounds pretty darn…

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