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Politician Calls Reporter A “B—-” On Camera [VIDEO]
It seems like it's tough to be a politician nowadays. In Nashville, Chairman Ron Buchanan was being criticized for his spending habits. When this reporter asked him about eating at an expensive restaurant and a $600 picture frame, Buchanan got angry and then called her a bitch on camera. Watch …
Woman Asks For Lightning And Gets It [VIDEO]
I love a good thunderstorm and could sit on the porch with a beer all day long and watch a storm. However, this lady got a bit more than what she bargained for. In the video she mentions that she can never catch the lightning on camera, just the thunder. Then, BOOM!
Stoner Gets Robbed In Front Of His Webcam
Generally speaking, most of the stoners I know tend to forget things.  This one forgot to lock the door.  He is a bit of a sissy if you ask me, but then again, I'm not being held up at gunpoint and beaten with a baton.  Check it out.