2-Year-Old Boy Gives Birth...WTF?
Yes, the headline is for real. A 2-year-old boy in China has given 'birth' to the undeveloped fetus of his twin. Xiao Feng, was taken to the hospital after his parents noticed his bulging belly and realized the boy was having difficulty breathing.
Drunk Chinese Guy Gets Caught Up In, Falls From Power Lines [VIDEO]
Plenty of people gathered to watch, and apparently video tape, as a drunken Chinese man somehow ended up hanging from a set of power lines in Northern China. And despite being completely housed this guy seems to have a bit of a clue that he's in a situation that may be a little more than proble…
China Selling Canned Air
Not sure if this will catch on or not…I mean....air…in a can…that’s like selling bottled wat…..ter. Ummm. Never mind. Either way. somebody should get Mel Brooks on the phone.
Shark Tank Bursts At Shopping Mall [VIDEO]
This wasn't supposed to happen! Check out this footage of a 33 ton shark tank bursting inside of a Chinese shopping mall. The sharks are okay, but fifteen people were hurt. As of now, it is not known what caused the tank to explode.

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