Woman in China Suffers From Giant Face Tumors
Seeing this woman makes me feel bad about being stressed over a bad hair day. Most of us have heard that 'looks are not everything'. Yeah right!   We are all judged daily on our appearance. That being said, imagine what Li Hongfang goes through on a daily basis. Hongfang suffers f…
Toddler Rides Toy Motorbike Into Busy Traffic
A three-year old little boy from China was really lucky after riding his toy motorbike into busy rush hour traffic. Watch as this kid almost gets blasted by couple buses in this extremely busy intersection. This story does end with a happy ending as the little dude drives off to safety.
Girl in China Falls Through Sidewalk
It's just normal day in China for this girl that is walking on the sidewalk, when all of a sudden the sidewalk basically swallows her up. There just happened to be a a taxi passing passing by and the driver saw what happened and jumped to her aid.
Manhole Firecracker Explosion
I'm pretty sure Chinese sewers are filled with explosive gases, because that's the only reason and manhole cover would explode like this from a fire cracker Check out the video.
Man Puts Live Snakes Through His Nose
In my day, I've put some things up my nose that I probably shouldn't have.  Fingers, a raisin, and one time I snorted a whole bunch of "make your wiener bigger" pills.  None of those are a good idea, but snakes is an even worse idea.  Check out this crazy a…
Video Of Four Year Old Driving A Car On The Freeway
Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, China is coming for us America.  Not only do they have almost 20 percent of the worlds population, but now they are teaching them how to drive at 4 years old.  Buckle up and prepare to be outraged.
Organ For iPad? Teen Sells Kidney for iPad Two
People are doing whatever they can for money these days.
I can understand doing something out of the ordinary for a mortgage or car payment.
But selling a kidney for a for an iPad?
That is what a  teen in China did.  Yep, sold one of his kidneys for a freakin' iPad!