The Free Beer And Hot Wings Show Holiday Break-In
Each year around the holidays, we make it a point to stop all of the mocking and joking around for at least one day and use the reach that this radio show has to do some good. For the 15th consecutive year, we'll be conducting the Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break-in.
Movie Chicks In Santa Suits [VIDEO]
Are you feeling lonely today? Are you wishing you were alone instead of with your dysfunctional family? Do you like girls in Santa suits? I am out of questions - but I do have a video compilation for you of celebrities in Santa Claus suits. Maybe not the HOTTEST of hot - but porn actresses were not …
Angry Man Hates Christmas Carolers, Smashes Guitar [VIDEO]
This guy is most definitely not in the holiday spirit. While a group of carolers were singing in front of a big Christmas tree in a town, this guy decided he had had enough. He starts yelling at the singers and then snaps. He smashes their guitar and begins stomping on all of their presents!
Antichrist-mas in Lansing?
The Satanic Temple plans to erect a hellish Christmas display this year near the steps of the Michigan Capitol. The state has granted the group permission to spread holiday cheer in the form of serpents and a baphomet from December 21 through the 23rd.
Xmas Stolen From Flint Family
Christmas was not the most wonderful time of the year for this Flint family. Katrina Fondren not only lost power, she was robbed. While the family was out of the home because of the power outage, someone broke in and stole Christmas presents right out from under their Christmas tree!

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