Dude Chugs Entire Bottle Of Maple Syrup [VIDEO]
You have to give this guy credit. After being told by his friends that he couldn't chug the whole thing, he decided to try. After starting the chug his friends were split in telling him to stop and to keep going. It seems like he fell into the syrup zone and polished off the whole bottle.
Moron Chugs Entire Bottle Of Southern Comfort [VIDEO]
This is a brilliant way to die early.  This guy has people buying him liquor with paypal and whatever they pick he chugs.  His name is Shoenice and he is a YouTube sensation.  I think he was a bit drunk to begin with, hopefully, he recorded the stomach pumping too.
Speed-Drinker Pukes On Filming Friend
I'm not a "chugging" drinker at all, so I probably would have ended up like this dude.  Watch him try to finish a speed drinking challenge, only to end up barfing all over his buddy.