Redneck "Silver-A-Dough" aD
Nothing like a redneck with a camera and a lot of free time on his hands. This guy tells it like it is. Now don't go getting your panties in a bunch if you are a Ford fan. Just admit that this is funny and gave you a laugh.
Rio-Mints Are Nipple Licking Good [VIDEO]
If breath mint commercials in America were more like this, maybe Americans would have better breath! Check out this commercial for Rio-Mints that is airing in Hong Kong. Obviously this is one exciting mint! Domo Arigato Rio-Mints, well played.
Another Terrible Commercial
I have no idea who or what advertising agency came up with this commercial idea. It's so bad it is funny. I am not sure what the hell a 'Souvlaki' is, but it must be damn good if the gorilla in the ad learned to play guitar to get one!

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