Graphic Ad Details Car Injuries
This Australian ad was made to get drivers to slow down. It's really more about watching where in the hell you are walking. Here we get slow motion video of a dude getting blasted by a car and and a doctor explaining his injuries. This is a pretty sweet and effective commercial.
The Best Car Dealership Commercial Ever
When you're looking for a used car, you're looking for something reliable, affordable, and something sold to you from a Cuban gynecologist.  Yeah, that's right, a dude who used to fix vaginas in communist Cuba wants to sell you a car.
Low Budget Taxidermy Ad Will Make You Laugh
Low budget commercials are awesome and there are a lot of em out there. I recently stumbled upon this little gem. After watching this ad for Chuck Testa's Taxidermy you might ask yourself, is chuck a victim of his own business? This guy has no life in him at all and it's funny as hell. "NOPE, C…
Hail To The V – Epic Commercial
Holy crap this is awesome.  Just to make this a little more fun, I am not going to tell you what this is about.  To get your mind ready though...pretend you are in a movie theater watching the previews.  It draws you in and you want to see this movie.  Enjoy!
The Slobstopper…Bibs For Adults [VIDEO]
This a REAL product?! The Slobstopper, is an adult bib that you wear while driving or whatever, meant to keep sloppy spills off your clothes. I think this would work well for sex too...I'll let you figure that one out. This commercial is so effing funny!