Some of the Creepiest Easter Bunnies Ever!
My favorite part about Easter is all the creepy bunnies that people want to hold their children.  If I had a kid, I would make sure every sketchy bunny that I could find got a chance to scare the crap out of it!  These are just a HANDFUL of hilarious bunnies who are probably drunk...or stoned.  I ha…
Colonel Sanders has the Original Recipe for Horror[VIDEO]
Colonel Sanders has been striking fear into the hearts of children since 1967 with his creepy ads. Now after being posted to Reddit a few hours ago this gif has found its way into peoples feeds and on the front page at a frighteningly fast pace. Coincidentally, all people who've viewed this hav…
Creepy Alien Video
According to some, Aliens have been visiting Earth since the dawn of humanity.  According to others, people are stupid and will believe anything.  Regardless what you believe, this video is probably going to creep you out.

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