MI Home Depot Vigilante
While some Second Amendment advocates believe firearms in the hands of the average citizen can be useful in warding off criminal activity, recent reports show that in many cases, law enforcement are perusing criminal charges against self-appointed “heroes” who use their w…
Alien Crackhead Vs. Cop Car
When authorities in Muskegon County, Michigan were called out earlier last month to investigate reports of a strange man breaking into people’s homes, they had no idea they were about to experience an alien encounter. However, there was nothing intelligent about this life form...
10 Dumbest Reasons to Get Arrested [VIDEO]
You really have to be an idiot in the first place if you're planning to commit some sort of a crime. These morons not only committed crimes, they committed crimes that made it extremely easy for police to make an arrest. Here's a list of the dumbest reasons to get arrested.
Xmas Stolen From Flint Family
Christmas was not the most wonderful time of the year for this Flint family. Katrina Fondren not only lost power, she was robbed. While the family was out of the home because of the power outage, someone broke in and stole Christmas presents right out from under their Christmas tree!

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