The Most Feared Animals In Michigan
As your tending to your deep wounds the Eagle circles for the kill. It lands on your back and quickly begins to grab the side of your neck and throat, the powerful grip of its talons begins to squeeze the breath out of you causing your veins and blood vessels to burst.
Dude Destroys a Traffic Light with a Huge Icicle [VIDEO]
With all the preemptive wintry weather we've had and all that is still on the way. Here's a video to remind you how dangerous icicles can be. Check out this guy in Russia who's job it is to knock them off the side of a building. As he chips away at one, a huge chunk of ice falls of and destroys a traffic light...
Potato Gun Explodes in Kids Face [VIDEO]
Not too much more I can add to this one. Pretty self explanatory here. A kid tried to make a potato gun. Aaaaaaaand...FAILED. To reiterate the words you'll hear someone say off camera "This is how stupidity really hurts people". Touché,good sir, Touché.
Woman Finds Circus Tiger in the Bathroom [Video]
Usually when people go to the circus for the first time the things they'll remember the most are the trapeze artists, the clowns (both performing and in the stands), or the performances, not the tiger in the bathroom. But for one circus goer that is the memory that will stick with her forever.