Adorable Little Girl Copies Dad’s Anger
This is without a doubt, the cutest video I've ever posted. I love kids especially at this age, they are so innocent and will repeat pretty much everything. That's exactly what happened as this little girl copied everything her dad was saying while getting pissed off about a basketball gam…
Father Jumps From Moving Car to Save Daughter’s Life
I think it's awesome that this father was willing to jump from his moving car to save his daughter's life. I also think this father is an a-hole for not having this kid in a child's seat. The little girl was climbing from the front to the back, opened the door and feel out, WTF!
Daughter Responds to Father After Shooting Her Laptop
This is supposedly the daughter of the father that shot up her laptop after disrespecting  him on facebook. Now, I see a few things wrong with this, the girl looks a lot older than a bratty teenager, she has no southern accent at all and just seems really fake. What do you think? Oh by the way,…