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McCree Parking Ramp to Close
Recent safety concerns have Genesee County closing down the McCree Parking Ramp in downtown Flint. On Friday, all of the ramps levels, as well as the elevator and skywalk, will no longer be available for use.
Best Downtown Spots of 2015
Flint is unfortunately most well known for crime and lead-filled water, but I would feel like I was holding out on you if I didn't share with you a few places in Downtown Flint that helped to make my 2015 more fun...and more delicious. The culture of the downtown area is artistic and growing, and in…
See Downtown Flint in 1941
The Flint Motor Festival parade took place in 1941 and somehow, color footage of the event (without sound) was preserved and has made its way to YouTube.
Finding Beauty in the 810
I am a huge fan of Flint, MI and the other day I posted pictures from my adventures downtown.  The video I've been working on is done, check it out and actually enjoy Flint with me.

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