Drunk Bike Riding Is Not A Good Idea [VIDEO]
Drunk driving obviously is not a smart decision, drunk anything moving is not really a good idea. I guess this is why Chris Monroe has left his bike outside of the radio station for the last 6 months. If he was riding his bike I am sure he would of ended up eating pavement like the guy in this video…
Facebook Is Now In Your Beer
Facebook has become one of those things that's really everywhere you look. Whether its somebody with their face buried in their phone or the totalitarian thumb on the window of a business demanding you "Like" them. And, if that wasn't enough, Facebook …
Grandma Downs Beer Bong on Plane to Cabo [VIDEO]
I've heard "you're never to old to teach an old dog new tricks", but this is ridiculous! Check out this rockin' granny as she steps up to the plate and downs one from the ol' beer bong on her flight to Cabo San Lucas.
long island, anyone?
So, according to a new series from PBS called Inventors, Bob Butt, (Yeah I know, insert butt, ass, or any anal related joke here) invented the Long Island Iced-T while working for a bar in the Hamptons back in the 70's.

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