Guys Attach Working Chainsaw To Drone [VIDEO]
Well it was only a matter of time until someone made a killer drone. These guys decided to rig a chainsaw to their drone and cause a ruckus. Thankfully they kept the destruction to just icicles and unsuspecting snowmen. However, as soon as Skynet takes over, we are all done for.
Jet Ski Hits Drone In Mid-Air During Jump [VIDEO]
When you're flying your drone above jet skiers you wouldn't think this would be able to happen. When trying to get a little bit of air off of a wave, this jet skier got way more height than anyone thought. He couldn't hang on and the drone just happened to be right in his path. With that said, let's get this summer thing going so I can get out there on the water with one of these.
New Drone Camera That Tracks And Follows You [VIDEO]
If anyone is looking to get me a present right now, I'll take one of these. The Lily Camera looks super simple to use and creates awesome video. I really need to get one of these to use at Loudwire Live and Dirtfest! Seeing as how it's waterproof, I might just have to take it on the annual alcohol powered tubing trip I go on!

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