Face Eating Victim In Miami Is Alive And Recovering
The victim of the Miami "causeway cannibal" is now awake and in high spirits.  The road to recovery is still a very long one to travel for Ronald Poppo but he is on the way.  All things considered, he is doing quite well.  Details after the jump.
Guy Eats 2 Habanero Peppers and a Tube of Icy/Hot
This guy is crazy.  First off, the lack of blinking really freaks me out.  Second, why would you do such a thing.  I understand being dared to eat a pepper, that's happened to us all.  To voluntarily eat two of those peppers and a tube of Icy/Hot is just nuts.  He showed you the view of the Atlantic Ocean by his house, you know that is where he dumps the bodies too.  Enjoy!
Eating Other People’s Food Prank [VIDEO]
Here's another awesome "Awkward" video from Break. I've walked by tons of people eating and thought "Man, I love to take a bite of that". Never have I actually done something like that, though it would be funny. Here's the reaction you would get if you tried something like that. My favorite line, "Just one bite and I'll go".