Eddie Murphy

'Beverly Hills Cop 4' Set for Release in March 2016
'Beverly Hills Cop 4' seemed like one of those things that was fun to think about -- like 'Dredd 2' -- but would probably never happen. While rumors of it moving forward have been circulating the web for some time, Paramount has revealed that, yes, this will officially happen and…
Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Model Lingerie [VIDEO]
Eddie Murphy's daughters modeling pics most likely will not make you laugh when you look at them, but you will be happy - maybe even choked up or perhaps you might 'choke' something else? Bria and Shayne Murphy are making headlines for their behinds in new modeling photos.
Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan May Take ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ to TV
If you were a child of the 1980′s, chances are that you love Eddie Murphy. You can probably recite much of his stand up from his special ‘Delirious’ (“Lemonade… that cool refreshing drink”) or bits from ‘Trading Places’ or ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ by heart. And though Eddie Murphy has spent much of the l…