Eminem Served Up Mom’s Spaghetti To Lucky Customers In Detroit
Eminem celebrated the grand opening of his new Detroit restaurant by working the drive thru at Mom's Spaghetti. Eminem announced earlier this month that he was opening a permanent location of Mom's Spaghetti in Detroit. This is after the huge success of the Mom's Spaghetti pop up locations that he had done in the last couple of years...
Eminem Bashes Trump On BET Awards [VIDEO]
Spoiler alert - Eminem is not a fan of Donald Trump. As a matter of fact (rap), he is drawing a line in the sand between his fans and fans of President Trump. As you can imagine, his words are rifling all the feathers. Take a listen and let me know what you think.
Two Guys, One Guitar Cover Eminem [VIDEO]
How many dudes does it take to cover an Eminem song? Two. Check out this video of two guys on one guitar covering 'The Real Slim Shady'. By the comments I saw on the YouTube page, haters are hating saying it was not recorded in one take. Do you really care how many takes it took? I don't.

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