Epic Stoner Pool Stunt Fail [VIDEO]
In honor of 4:20, I bring you this gem.  You can kind of just tell this old dude is stoned by the way he walks and sings as he prepares for this 'stunt'.  Watch what happens when someone who IS high...climbs high on a ladder and tries to show off!
Clumsy Cats That Can’t Jump [VIDEO]
I'm not really a cat person, and by no means am I the type to watch a ton of cat videos.  However, I AM the type of person that likes watching people (and in this case animals) fall down, so I made an exception in this case.  This video cracks me up every time I watch it.  Check …
Skier Loses Skis Mid-Jump and Faceplants [VIDEO]
I can't resist watching someone bite the dust, especially in the snow!  Check out this video of a ski jump gone wrong.  I think the funniest part is that the hill they tried to jump isn't very big, so there was no time to even try to fix this disaster.
Michigan Wedding Party Falls into Lake
I don't understand why everybody has to have their wedding picture taken in front of a body of water, but it seems like everyone does. Being around water is basically a disaster waiting to happen, as shown in this video.
Runway Model Fail Compilation
I've never really understood fashion shows.  Somehow or another, hot chicks wearing stupid clothes, walking around and turning is supposed to be the height of fashion.  The only good thing about the catwalk, is watching chicks fall on their faces. This video features the best of the b…

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