Popular Clothing Brand’s New Spokesmodel is in a Wheelchair
Diesel has a reputation for going beyond the basic stereotypical standards of beauty when it comes to representing their brand.  In the past they have featured a former Olympic swimmer, a plus sized, grafitti artist with pink hair, and even a 65 year old fashion editor.   The company now h…
Mr. T Fashion Tips From The 80’s
Back in the 80's aside from beating up bad guys on the A-Team and kickin' Rocky's ass, Mr. T loved to give advice. In this video Mr. T thinks he knows best when it comes to fashion, I beg to differ. The funny thing is, this video was not intended to be a joke. Man, we really dressed l…
Rat Fashion Show [VIDEO]
So those fashion shows for 3-year-olds the most disturbing fashion shows on earth, but this has gotta  be a close second.  Check out the 2011 Ada Nieves Rat Fashion Show.