5 Hour Death-ergy
Well start saying your goodbyes. If you are like me and practically everyone I work with, you have had a 5-Hour Energy drink. The FDA is reporting that thirteen deaths have been linked to the possible involvement of the caffeine kicking drink. It figures, something else we like could possibly kill u…
FDA Approves at Home H.I.V Test
The New York Times is reporting that the Food & Drug Administration has approved an at home test to detect H.I.V. The test is called OraQuick, and requires a quick swab, and in 20 to 40 minutes you will have the results.
New FDA Cigarette Warnings
It looks like there are even worse FDA cigarette warnings coming our way. I'm not a smoker and very proud of that, it's a filthy and extremely unhealthy habit. I think with these new warnings we will see a major decrease in smokers...maybe.
FDA Approves ‘Blowfish’ Hangover Pill
Wahoo! This is the best news ever. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a pill that will save us from the painful day after effects of boozing it up. No joke, there is now a pill to cure your hangover called "Blowfish".