Man Attacked For Recording A Bickering Couple [VIDEO]
This might be my favorite video of the week. This guy was recording a couple that were arguing at the bus stop. After a second, the old lady noticed that he was recording them. When she knew that he was, she whacked him with her cane. This dude didn't even flinch.
Fight On The Golf Course Ends With A Handshake [VIDEO]
I've seen plenty of arguments on the golf course but never one that came to blows. These guys were obviously arguing about something and then started swinging. After a few decent hits they ended up shaking hands and it was over. So apparently there is an underground golf fight club.
Store Owner Fights Armed Robber And Takes His Gun [VIDEO]
This guy is pretty brave. While being robbed, this store owner takes a stand and fights back. After wrestling the gun away, the robber retreats to the back room. Eventually, he comes back out and the fight again. You knew it was bad from the beginning when the robber didn't even get off his pho…
Rednecks Fight Out On The Go Cart Track [VIDEO]
So what do you do when you are upset with another go cart driver? That's right, you flip the jerk over. I'm not sure what caused the fight, but who cares, rednecks will fight over anything! As soon as the first cart is flipped, the fight is on for everyone!
Fight Ends In One Second With Kick To The Face [VIDEO]
I don't think I have ever seen a fight end this quickly in my life. Eat your heart out Rhonda Rousey! The fight begins and the fighter in ready makes a quick move and kicks the blue fighter in face. Ole blue immediate falls and the ref calls the match seconds after that.

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