Girl Catches Fish With Her Bare Hands [VIDEO]
I am guessing this is a turn on for a lot of guys. A girl that is not afraid to get her hands dirty or you know - catch a fish with them! Watch as the girl in this video does juts that, catches a big ol' fish with her bare hands! I can't help but think of the 'Seinfeld' episode a…
Hockey Fan Fails At Throwing Huge Fish On The Ice [VIDEO]
Every sport has it's own weird traditions and fans. In hockey, fans are know for throwing things on the ice, like octopi being thrown on the ice at Red Wings games. During a UHN game with New Hampshire taking on Boston, this fan had a huge struggle to get a giant fish on the ice.
Shark Steals Fish Off Fisherman’s Line [VIDEO]
This is the closest that you can get to a real life 'Jaws' moment. This guy is reeling in a pretty good size fish. Once he gets it to the surface he realized something bit it in half. A couple seconds later, the shark comes back to finish it off.
Fish Attacks Cat [VIDEO]
I would never believe a fish could or would attack a cat until now. Check out this footage of two cats getting pounced by a fish. Are cats the new fish food?

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