Flint Farmer's Market

St. Paddy's Party Guide
The big day is this Friday, how are you kicking off your St. Paddy's Day. Get the celebration started at some of these great locations and then join us at the Flint Farmer's Market for the St. Paddy's Day Beer Festival.
Best Downtown Spots of 2015
Flint is unfortunately most well known for crime and lead-filled water, but I would feel like I was holding out on you if I didn't share with you a few places in Downtown Flint that helped to make my 2015 more fun...and more delicious. The culture of the downtown area is artistic and growing, and in…
Water Protester Goes Rabid
A Flint woman caused quite a scene in downtown Flint today as she interrupted an event at the Farmers Market to scream about the Flint water problems.
Get Ready for Beer Fest!
The St. Paddy's Day Beer Festival and .5k Draft Dash is this Saturday at the Flint Farmer's Market. There will be a bunch of new beers to try from 6pm-10pm. Maggie and Chris had the chance to sample some of those flavors to get ready to for the festival. See how that drunken debacle went h…
Flint's New Farmer's Market
Last night I went downtown Flint for dinner. As I was sitting with my group, I could not help but overhear people at other tables talking about how excited they are for the new Flint Farmer's Market. In case you are not aware, the market opens in a new space tomorrow, June 21st.