Severe Thunderstorm Headed To Mid-Michigan Today
Make sure you keep an umbrella in the car today because we've got reports of a major thunderstorm headed to mid-Michigan today. If the storm is anything like what touched down a week ago we could be in for a wild ride today, fingers are crossed that it's just a baby storm...
Enjoying Your New Lakefront Property?
Over the last couple days, we've seen so much rain which has become a real problem for some residents in the area. It's one thing to have to deal with water covered roads and closures but it's another to have a home surrounded by nothing but water.
Mt. Morris Flood Runs Deep
Holy water! Walking (swimming) out of your home to see 4 feet of water in one Mt. Morris Township neighborhood is actually nothing new to homeowners there. Angie Bedard who lives right off of Clio Road told ABC 12 this happens four to five times a year. WTF? Bedard even had her vehicle modified to get through the floods. I guess that is cheaper than moving.
Detroit Takes a Bath [PHOTOS]
It was just an absolute mess for those traveling though Detroit yesterday and still today. This is a much closer look at those that were and are being affected by the flooding in and around Detroit.