Funny or Die

Nick Offerman Introduces the ‘Pizza Farm’ [VIDEO]
Sweet baby Jesus, there IS such a thing as a 'Pizza Farm'! Don't believe me? Check out this video starring Nick Offerman. The funny man takes us on a tour of what I believe to be heaven - an actual pizza farm. Okay, I know it's not real but boy it would be the coolest place ever!…
Happy 4/20 From Chong
To some people today is Monday April 20, 2015. To some folks today is 4/20. Watch as Funny or Die with the help of Tommy Chong freak out some people that appear to be celebrating, as in today is 4/20 for them.
Katherine Heigl Hates Balls
You may know Katherine Heigl from the film "Knocked Up" or the ABC show  "Grey's Anatomy".  But, did you know she hates balls? "Funny or Die" presents another video spoof this time featuring Katherine as a real "ball buste…

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