Even Pro Golfers Have Bad Days On The Greens [VIDEO]
Videos like this make me think I still have a chance to be a professional golfer. Ernie Els has been playing professional golf since the late 1980's and still manages to have bad days. After kicking off the Masters yesterday, he ended up missing a short putt six times before putting it the…
Kangaroo Chases Golfers On The Golf Course [VIDEO]
I have seen some weird things on the golf course, but never anything like this. These two guys were out playing a round when an angry kangaroo decided he didn't want them there. After the guys retreat to their golf cart, the kangaroo makes a charge. The damn thing nearly caught up to them befor…
Putt Putt Golf $18,000 Game From 1989 [VIDEO]
I had no idea that this was a thing in 1989. These guys are really serious about a skins game in putt putt golf. Just listening to the commentary will make you laugh. It gets better as you watch the whole thing. I love golf but the are at a very rare and almost impossible level of nerd in this one.

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