Man Craps Himself In Pool
Pool parties are a lot of fun.  Everyone is doing cannonballs, eating hot dogs, playing Marco Polo, it's basically a blast.  That is until somebody craps in the pool, which is totally what happens in this video.
Biggest Grossest Zit Pop Ever
Seriously, this may be the grossest video ever. It features what has to be the world's largest zit, getting popped in the grossest way possible. I'm not joking either, it's huge and disgusting.
Man Has Nose Professionally Picked
I'm gonna start by saying, this is effing disgusting. I was actually eating my breakfast as I watched this for the first time. This dude had some major sinus blockage or something, it looked as if they pulled an oyster from his nose. Sorry for posting this but if I gotta see do you. Mak…
Double Jointed Finger Trick
Chicks always tell dudes with small members that what they can do with their fingers is just as important. If that is the truth, this dude's wiener out of luck, cuz his fingers are pretty effin unbelievable.
Sticky Situation At Walmart
Prices are not the only things dropping at a Florida Walmart.
William Tyler Black of  Florida was caught with his pants down and "going to town" on himself in the toy aisle of the super store.