Gymnast Breaks Foot During Competition
This girl really takes this like a champ, I would have been crying like a baby right there on the mat. What she was attempting to pull off was pretty sweet but something went terribly wrong as she landed. This looked painful but nothing compared to the girl that snapped both ankles, that was brutal.
Girl Snaps Both Ankles – Gymnastics Fail
Well this kid won't be doing back flips anytime soon...or skipping, walking, running and pretty much anything that involves standing on your feet.
I have never broken a bone in my body, so I can't say how much this would hurt but honestly it looks effing painful. This kind of reminds me of that video…
Basketball Soccer Gymnastics Trick Shots [VIDEO]
I know, I know, basketball trick shots are getting old.  They are all over the internet and some of them aren't even that sweet.  But this isn't a basketball trick shot video, it's a basketball soccer gymnastics video trick shot video and it's effing awesome.