Halloween Candy

Huge Community Halloween Event Is Giving Out 2,000 Pounds Of Candy
Halloween is this weekend and a local church "Word Of Life Church" is having a huge event this Saturday and is providing 2,000 lbs of candy for the local community! If I was a kid this location would definitely be on my list. I remember growing up and having to map out where to go for candy...
U.S. Officials Warn Of Cannabis Products In Halloween Candy
As the popularity of cannabis explodes all over the country U.S officials are warning parents to keep a lookout for cannabis products that look like ordinary snacks. It's easy to get this one confused especially if you are a kid. I regularly indulge in recreational edibles and almost all of the packing looks like it was made for kids...
Meth Found In Halloween Candy [VIDEO]
Why do we tell kids not to take candy from strangers, yet send them out trick-or-treating on Halloween night? It makes zero sense to me. I would hope if you are a parent, that you inspect your child's and or children's candy before they are allowed to eat it. If you normally don't, you may want to after reading this.