Armed Civilian Helps Woman and Saves The Day [VIDEO]
While leaving a store with her two children, a woman got the scare of her life as two suspects snatched her purse and then dragged her across the parking lot. Before they could get a away, an armed civilian pulled the two suspects from their vehicle and held them on the ground until police could arr…
Local Hero Travis Mills Has Message for Supporters
The story of Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills would be enough to make most people throw the towel in and be bitter for the rest of their lives.  Travis Mills isn't most people though.  Check out the video this Vassar native made for all the people supporting him and his family.
Update On Local Hero United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills
Regardless where you live, the story of Travis Mills serves a reminder of the sacrifice and bravery that runs through our Armed Forces. The fact that Mills is from our area serves a reminder that behind that bravery and sacrifice, there are real people.  Check out the latest details on this hom…