How Hipsters Will Use Hamady Sacks
Back in the day, Hamady sacks were Flint's equivalent to the Swiss Army Knife -- you used them for everything. Now that Hamady is back, we're excited to see how a certain sub-genre of millennials are about to use their sacks.
Today’s Hipsters in 50 Years
This video was created for Social Media Week 2012. We always wonder what today's hipsters will be like in 50 years, well I bet this video pretty much nails it. I love the little old lady talking about her friend that would always post pictures of her food.
A Gentleman’s Rant on Hipsters
Ah hipsters -- you know they type --  they hangout in small bars, wear skin tight jeans and deep-v t-shirts and sport scarves in the summer. These very clique-y groups of young people seem to be sprouting up all over the place, in Flint however, we could lump the 'greasers' into this …