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How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun [VIDEO]
If you're looking for a summer project that you will actually finish, here it is. You can even do this one with the kids. What kid wouldn't want a cheese ball machine gun. This is like combining paintball, Nerf guns, and awesome snacks all into one. I might have to make this.
Chris Monroe: Master Mechanic
Well it's no secret that my car is a big pile of crap. The whole front end is jacked up and falling apart. As I have no concern for what people think of it, I haven't tried to fix it yet. Mainly due to laziness and lack of time. So today I remedied that! Here is how you can expertly fix yo…
How To Fix A Hole In The Wall, Monroe Style [PICS]
So recently, while moving a dresser in my bedroom, I busted a hole in the wall. It was a pretty big hole as it was the corner of the dresser that went through it. Knowing that it would drive me crazy seeing it everyday, I used some household items to fix it.