The Internet Has Stolen Our Children [PIC]
Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I had some time off and decided to take the kids out to the movies and have to some on Saturday. We met up at my apartment and were just hanging out figuring out everything we wanted to do. Slowly we realized that the kids had forgotten all about us.
Flint Police to Launch Online Crime Reporting System
It's 2012 and while we don't have a robot police force like the movies of our youth promised, now we have a high tech way to help fight and report crime, the internet. Check out the details on the online system for reporting crime that Flint police hope to launch soon.
Facebook Knows What You Like
Much like Big Brother, Facebook is watching you.  Every time you log on, Mark Zuckerberg is watching what you do, what you click on, and what you like.  The things you like give a pretty clear picture of who you are and this video shows just how well facebook knows you.
Kid Freaks Out After Parents Turn Off Internet [Video]
This is so funny, this kid cracks me up. His dad turns off the internet because he is grounded and he loses it because he can't play a video game. Here's my favorite line: "Mom, I'm literally the only frickin' ranger on my team and they need me". MOM...MOM...MOM…

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