Justin Verlander

Upton is off the Market
Sorry guys and girls - Kate Upton is officially off the market. I am sure Justin Verlander has 'popped' a lot of things for this hottie (wah wah), now he can add popping the question to the list. Upton showed off her engagement ring last night at the Met Gala in New York.
Upton & JV -- Prestige Worldwide
If you have not watched the movie 'Step Brothers' you need to ASAP. I love the movie so much and quote it quite often. For instance, "Did we just become best friends?" I say at least three times a month. Apparently Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are fans too. Check out t…
Verlander Talks Gay Rights With CNN [Video]
In an interview yesterday CNN’s Carol Costello caught up with Justin Verlander. where she managed to throw Verlander a change-up of her own & swung the conversation to gay players in major league baseball.
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander, New Couple? [VIDEO]
Rumor has it that model Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander are dating.  According to the New York Daily News, the pair recently attended an Aerosmith concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills and afterward hit up Coyote Joe's for some mechanical bull riding.
The Week In Sports Recap 5/21/12
It's funny how everyone can be bitching about the Tigers, but as soon as Justin Verlander gets out there and goes 8+ on a No-No and everybody is right back on board.  Thoughts on JV, why Matthew Stafford is the man, and why you should be cheering for the Pacers, even if one of them punched…

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