King 810

King 810 Hand Out Water To Flint Residents [VIDEO]
When Scott Stapp was in town to play at the Machine Shop, he donated water. Russell Simmons was recently in Flint going door to door with water too. For the last few months King 810 members have been dropping off water to residents anonymously. Their secret is out now. Big props to the band for all …
King 810 Bring it Home
Flint's King 810 recently released a track called 'Revenge' from the upcoming DJ Drama Midwest Monsters 2 album. You can see the band live this year at Dirt Fest 2015, which will be a two day event. You can get information on this years performers here.
Get On the Party Bus to Hell!
It's time to go to hell and we are driving the bus! Enter here to ride with us on The Party Bus to Hell, Saturday 11/29, down to the Palace for the Prepare for Hell Tour featuring Slipknot, Korn, and King 810. Get all the details here.

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