Crab Is Not Going Down Without A Knife Fight [VIDEO]
Christ on a cracker you can find anything on the internet. It is a good thing this incident was recorded, because if someone just told me this story with no visual proof - I would not believe it. Watch as a crab at restaurant in Brazil, appears to be fighting for its life with a knife! Clearly this …
Girl Painfully Fails at The Knife Song [VIDEO]
I guess if you're going to play the game, be ready for the consequences. I actually had a hard time watching this because you know the big miss is coming. You will also notice how she fails at administering first aid in a timely fashion.
Man Stages Knife Attack To Impress Date [VIDEO]
More proof that guys will do ANYTHING to get in a girls pants. Jeffery Tyler Siegel, 26, of Arkansas actually had a buddy pretend to confront him and a date as they walked through a park. The girl ran, but Siegel claimed he fought off the 'attacker' and even suffered knife wounds.