Krispy Kreme

Cops Chase Krispy Kreme Truck[VIDEO]
While the idea for this story sounds like it was stolen from a campy, low budget, b-movie from the 80’s this seriously happened.  Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Especially if you live in Georgia (or Florida.)
Krispy Kreme is Back With a New Song ‘Halloween’
He's back just in time for Halloween.  Check out Krispy Kreme's new song "Halloween."  This kid is funny as hell and always leaves you with a song stuck in your head.  Fresh off his visit to Tosh.O, he went right back at it.  Check out the new video he…
Is This Krispy Kreme Rapper For Real?
His name is Krispy Kreme. He’s a rapper. He’s got dreams of makin’ it big. We think he’s well on his way and we hope his bespectacled sidekick gets to drop some serious lyrical heat on the next track.