Legalized marijuana

MI Towns That Have Opted Out of Rec Pot
Just because recreational marijuana became legal in late 2018 doesn't mean it'll be a big free for all and everybody will be opening up shop and selling weed like crazy as I'm sure you're already well aware of.
Ret. MI Cop Says Legalize it All
Many Michigan voters will head to the polls during the 2014 Midterm Election to answer the question of whether their municipality should decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. If you are still on the fence regarding the legal weed issue, we suggest listening to a few words from retired police off…
Michigan Hotel Caters to Potheads and the Marijuana Culture
Across most of the nation, stoners still have to be very careful not to alarm any rent-a-cops while chiefing-it-up Cheech and Chong-style in their hotel rooms. However, all of the paranoia will soon be eliminated for pothead patrons of the Howard Johnson hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Cops Help Dude Light Two Pound Joint at Festival [VIDEO]
Over the last 12 months the voters in the state of Washington have been one of a few states to legalized marijuana. Which means that the same police officers that use to lock stoner's up now have to protect their right to roll a fatties whenever they want to.