Lego First Person Shooter Game Needs To Happen [VIDEO]
I know there are a lot of lego video games out there right now, but this one really needs to happen. It's not your normal kid-friendly lego game at all. This would bring today's games and my childhood together. Call me a dork, but I would take this one over Call of Duty any day.
LEGO Batman is Back!
On October 27th, LEGO and DC Comics will bring the dark knight back to the small screen (along with the rest of the Justice League) for 'Batman Be-Leaguered.' After Bats stole the show in 'The LEGO Movie,' you can count us in!
Two More LEGO Movies Dated Through 2019
Everything really is awesome in the world of LEGO. After the success of Warner Bros.' 'The LEGO Movie,' the studio quickly signed off on 'The LEGO Movie 2' for a 2017 release. But now, with more than two years until the sequel, two more LEGO movies have been dated!

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