Did You See That Crazy Lightning?
If you were looking at the sky last night, you might not have seen the "strawberry moon" that was promised (I didn't), but there was a pretty sweet light show going on. Check them out in this compilation video.
Woman Asks For Lightning And Gets It [VIDEO]
I love a good thunderstorm and could sit on the porch with a beer all day long and watch a storm. However, this lady got a bit more than what she bargained for. In the video she mentions that she can never catch the lightning on camera, just the thunder. Then, BOOM!
Man Filming Storm Gets Struck By Lightning
This guy is lucky to be alive.  While filming a storm, this guy gets a little tap in the foot from mother nature.  He took the whole thing pretty well though.  Had he gotten the direct bolt, he would have been a goner for sure.