Worst Walk Down The Aisle Ever
Some people would say that any walk down the aisle is a bad one.  Everybody would say that this one is an awful one.  Check out this chick wipe out and lose her dress in one of the most embarrassing entrances ever.
Mexico City Proposes a ‘Two Year’ Marriage License
Are you the type of person who would rather 'lease' your wife for two years? If you are, you may want to move to Mexico City, Mexico -- they are proposing to change their marriage law to have the marriage license expire in two years. Mexico City is proposing this law due to the rise of div…
Is FB F’in Up Your Marriage?
Everybody has a facebook.  All the people you graduated with, The President of America, your boss, my grandma and your spouse, which may be a problem for your marriage.  It seems like more and more separations are being blamed on facebook, which has researchers wondering.