Mash Ups

Watch the 1994 Trailer for ‘Looper’
Thanks to some clever editing by Screen Junkies, 'Looper' is now a remake of a 1994 Disney movie with the same stars. They spliced together footage from Bruce Willis movie 'The Kid' and JGL's 'Angels in the Outfield' to make a movie with a plot not unlike that of &…
Bob Marley ‘Is This Love?’ Metal Mashup [VIDEO]
Reggae music has it's time and place, mostly when you're baked out of your mind on a beach, but let's be real, it's not exactly hardcore.  That is until now, as somebody has taken the Bob Marley classic 'Is This Love?' and mashed it with some brutal beats.
Metallica Vs. Stevie Wonder Mash Up
Sometimes, two things that nothing in common come together perfectly. Really short chicks always seem to date tall dudes, people dip their fries in their Frosty at Wendy's, and Metallica and Stevie Wonder sound awesome together.