Stroke a Bone - Charge a Phone
PornHub has created a wristband that will save the energy you create while jerking off and let you charge your phones, tablets and other devices with it. Talk about a stroke of genius!
Stealth Baitin' On-The-Go
For centuries, men have been forced to hide their "self-congratulation" rituals in dark corners and behind closed doors. Now men can furiously masturbate in plain site with all the discretion of a hidden ninja assassin thanks to the Portable Masturbatorium.
Pizzeria Owner Beats Meat
If people having been coming to Jersey Joe's Pizzeria for years, this photo may stop them from coming now. Allegedly the man in this photo masturbating is the restaurant owner, Joe. Yep, right in the kitchen!
Japanese Egg Masturbation Toy
Japan, you've done it again.  Check out this video, featuring what seems to be some sort of egg-toy.  Then check out how it quickly it become obvious what the toys real purpose is.

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