MILegalize Is Hiring for the Holiday Season
There is an interesting opportunity available this holiday season for Michiganders needing to make some extra cash – and it beats working retail!
MiLegalize, the group working to end pot prohibition across the state in 2016, is currently searching for individuals to collect signatures for their…
Maryjane for the Middle
Anyone who has caught even a few minutes of a presidential debate in the past two months understands that the focus of the upcoming election is fixing the economy by helping the middle class. Unfortunately, while clever tax proposals are being spewed by every politician given 60 seconds on a stage t…
Legal Pot Needs 90k Signatures
Michigan is well on its way to becoming one of the next states to legalize a full-scale recreational cannabis industry. It is a move that would create thousands of new jobs as well as contribute millions of dollars to the local economy.
Want Legal Weed in 2016? MILegalize Needs Your Help
MILegalize, the group pushing to eliminate marijuana prohibition across the state in 2016, recently sent out a letter stating that while they are “in a position to win,” the group needs some “big time help right now” from the public to put the …
Help Michigan Legalize Marijuana in 2016
Michigan is on its ways to legalizing marijuana in 2016, but organizers still need your support to help raise enough campaign funds to bring prohibition to its knees.
Reports indicate that MILegalize has been challenged to match $100,000 in donations in the month of October...
Michigan Students Helping to Legalize Marijuana in 2016
A group of student activists attending Central Michigan University are attempting to legalize a cannabis industry in 2016. Reports indicate that students have partnered with MILegalize to assist in passing an initiative aimed at repealing prohibition across the state.
Get Involved to Get it Legal!
If Michigan residents expect to legalize a cannabis market in the next couple of years, residents are going to need to take a more active roll in making it happen. Earlier last week, Banana 101.5 told you about the launch of a new campaign aimed at getting the issue of legal marijuana on the ballot …

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