Miley Cyrus

The Best 2012 Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Maybe it's the $2,000 wig, maybe it's that we wound up using some really old makeup we found under the sink (thanks, Sandy), but something makes celebrity Halloween costumes seem more glamorous than ours. Here are just a few of our favorites from this year. And yes, that is Ellen DeGeneres dressed u…
Miley Cyrus Covers Nirvana…WTF? [VIDEO]
One question....WHY?????  Some artists and bands will do anything to be noticed.  Here is the problem...YOU SUCK AT IT!  So stop it!  Just because Miley Cyrus is now legal, hot and smokes pot...that doesn't make it right!  Even full time cover bands know their limitations.  (well most do anyway)  Un…
Miley Cyrus Sex Doll
Miley Cyrus, who just turned 18 this year, now has a sex doll out with her likeness.  She's none too happy about it or it's 3 achy holes.  Check it out.
A Look Back At 2010
It's stories like these that keep Maggie and I entertained and employed in the afternoon!  Mel Gibson leaving voice mails, Lindsay Lohan being Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen going Ape S*&^ in the hotel room...we will miss you 2010!
Miley Cyrus Hits A Bong
Finally! Miley Cyrus has done something that doesn't make me want to punch her in the baby maker! Caught smoking pot OR salvia in a water bong!