minimum wage

Michigan Min Wage Goes Up Soon
Come the first of the year, Michigan employees making minimum wage will be getting a bump in pay. Starting on January 1st, the minimum wage in Michigan will take a jump from $8.50/hour to $8.90/hour.
MI to Lower Min Wage for Young'uns?
Working class youth in Michigan may soon find themselves earning a lower minimum wage than their elder counterparts. This is because state lawmakers are currently working to push through a piece of legislation that would lower the minimum wage for workers under the age of twenty.
Michigan Minimum Wage Workers Get a Raise on Labor Day
Some Michigan workers are getting a raise in September. On Labor Day, the minimum wage in Michigan is set to increase from $7.40 per hour to $8.15 per hour. This means that workers across the state without any college or real life experience whatsoever will officially make just as much money as thos…