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Meat Loaf Ruins ‘America, The Beautiful’ At Mitt Romney Rally [FBHW]
Grammy winning singer, Meat Loaf, gave his endorsement to Mitt Romney at a recent rally in Defiance, Ohio.  What Mitt didn't know was that Meat Loaf was about to make a fool of himself moments after the endorsement was made.  Meat Loaf, joined by Big and Rich and Randy Owen of the band Alabama, closed the rally with a rendition of 'America, The Beautiful.'  It just happened to be the worst renditi
The Bullgod Vs. Spicoli
Kid Rock and Sean Penn have teamed up in short film to shine a light on political differences, opinions and to remind us that we are all in this together.
Best of the Mitt Romney Versus Big Bird Memes
Mitt Romney can't just say he's going to put Big Bird out of a job and get away with it. Here are the best memes so far from the Great 2012 Big Bird Backlash that don't have curse words. Because in the mind of the internet, when Big Bird gets angry he grabs a rifle and starts spewing obscenities.
2012 Election Debate: Douche Or Turd?
Every four years, something amazing happens in America.  We, as a people are given the right to vote for a giant douche or a turd sandwich.  Make your decision wisely America.
Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney In the Smartphone Showdown Game of the Year
It’s not everyday that you get to see Mitt Romney smacked in the face with a hot dog or President Obama trounced with a balloon sword… Until now. Thanks to a new, free phone game called Vote!!!, you can see it every day. It might seem like they’ve lost sight of the point of democratic elections by making the two presidential candidates go toe-to-toe, but the folks at Epic Games could actually be o
Silversun Pickups Order Romney Campaign to Stop Playing Their Music
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is under fire for playing the Silversun Pickups song ‘Panic Switch’ at his campaign events without obtaining the band’s consent. According to a press release, the Pickups’ attorney has sent the Romney camp a cease and desist letter to prevent them from using the song in the future.

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