Monkey Jumps On Kid That Gave It The Finger [VIDEO]
Thank you Jesus for the internet. How else would we be able to see such crazy ass things? All things ridiculous are right at our fingertips! We are the future baby! Watch as a monkey in India does not take too kindly to a young man flipping him off. The end result is priceless!
Monkey Man Is Worlds Fastest Four Legged Runner
Being a monkey would be pretty sweet, considering that you get to eat a lot of bananas, everything you do is hilarious, and if something is pissing you off, you can just throw crap at it. This dude really wanted to be a monkey, so he started walking like one.
Brutal Battle Of Monkey Against Cat
Monkeys and cats might not sound like two of natures deadliest animals, but when wild animals are forced into confrontation, the results can be brutal. Watch these two savage beasts involved a battle that left the human bystanders stunned.